Bakatin, Vadim Viktorovich

(1937– )
   Bakatin, whose father was shot in the Stalin era purges, was a pro-Gorbachev reformer in the Communist Party. In 1988 Mikhail Gorbachev drafted Bakatin to reform and modernize the MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs, or police). While originally a close ally of the general secretary and a competent administrator, Bakatin was fired in 1990 as Gorbachev moved to the right and replaced him with Boris Pugo, a career KGB official.
   Immediately following the August putsch of 1991, Bakatin was appointed KGB chair. Bakatin made a valiant effort to reform the service, fired officers implicated in the putsch, and cut down on corruption and nepotism. He even fired his own son, a KGB lieutenant colonel. Bakatin also sought to build ties to Western intelligence and security services, providing diagrams of the KGB’s bugging of the U.S. embassy to the American ambassador. Bakatin, however, was not a Boris Yeltsin loyalist and was fired in January 1992, before he could make significant changes in the Russian intelligence services.

Historical dictionary of Russian and Soviet Intelligence. . 2014.

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